Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CBD oil to treat Leah's seizures!

We continue the hope for Leah. As I watch her seize 5-10 times a day right now I ache for the opportunity for her to be treated with CBD oil. It is truly a miracle to see these children who are treated with CBD get their life back! We pray that Leah will one day get a chance to try the oil and see if it stops her seizures. The heart ache of watching her horrible seizures never goes away. She needs to have her seizures go away. I am afraid she won't survive long with this life! We are in desperation and this oil brings us hope. We hear her seize all night and we hold our breath every time we go in and check on her and also when we get her in the mornings.  Her seizures are really bad right now. She goes blue and has labored breathing during and after her seizures. I am posting a video of her seizing. I feel it's important to document her life. That's why I have this blog. This video is hard to watch!


Leah's visit to the Deaf and Blind School in Ogden was awesome. We learned so much! Here's a pic of Leah getting therapy.

Here is also a pic of my kids with Leah! They love her so much!

Here is another pic of Ty and Leah cuddling! Every day he tells me to give him his cuddle buddy! They cuddle every morning and this day he fell asleep (She looks a little freaked out).

This next one is Leah's physical therapist Susan. They have such a special connection!


  1. You and Leah are always in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that that miracle, that we talked about, comes through soon...

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