Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two seizures!

I needed this today! Leah had two seizures today! The pain of watching her seize is unbearable at times. I truly don't know how I made it through four months of daily seizures. It was through prayer and the prayers of many others that God gave me strength every moment of every day. I question all of this heart ache daily...why me? why her? why seizures? Why couldn't it happen to me and not her? It's been a sad day, it's especially hard on my kids. They say to me "mom, I thought her seizures were gone! Why is she seizing again and why can't she be normal". It breaks my heart to see them sad and hurt. They love their sister and all they wanted was for her to play with them. I have no answers for them. All I can say to them is stay strong and never loose hope. Yes...we had many dreams for this baby girl but God has a better plan for her.

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