Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Seizures...

Last week was a really hard week for Leah. She has four new teeth coming in so therefore she has fevers which result in seizures. The worst day was last wednesday she had ten seizures. She would seize fall asleep and wake up only in another seizure. Really scary....She finally started getting better towards the evening. Chad and I had tickets to the concert 311 and we really were nervous to leave her but we decided she was okay with grandma and we really needed a night out. We had a great time. We went with one of Chad's friends from work and his wife. We were right by the stage dancing all night. It was like we were in college again. It was the best therapy for us!

The couple we were with that night also have a special needs baby. She only has a half a heart. She is ten months old and has had many surgeries. She is doing well but she won't have a long life, she can pass away at any moment. Her mom and I had wonderful conversations about being parents of these special girls. We both have experienced many of the same emotions. It's been a hard road for both of us and it was nice to know someone else knows exactly what your going through.

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