Friday, June 8, 2012

Vitamin B12 shots...Ouch!

We saw Dr. Humpherys Monday.  It was a good visit. He was able to review her medical records and found some lab work that was done when Leah was two months old in which she had a lot of high acid levels in her body, the doctor up at Primary's disregarded the high numbers. Dr. Humpherys feels those numbers shouldn't have been disregarded. He is now starting Leah on folonic acid for four weeks then adding vitamin B12 shots. We will give her the shots every three days. I have never given anyone a shot! Luckily it goes in her bum and she won't see who gives her the shot! He said if this is the right thing for her we should start to see her motor skills greatly improve. He is very confident in the treatment but says if this one doesn't work he will move to a vitamin B6 treatment and after that maybe pressure chamber.

Unfortunately Leah has continued vomiting. Chad and I figured out why Leah is vomiting, it's the protein powder that was added to her diet two weeks ago. The protein powder is milk based and she is sensitive to milk. She needs soy based. So today we started soy protein powder. Cross our fingers it works well with her system. Paula, her nutritionist wants Leah to get blood drawn again next week to see if her calcium levels have improved. Paula said if they haven't then Leah will probably have to be weaned off the diet soon. This really scares us! But, we have full confidence in Dr. Humpherys to take care of Leah from that point.

Therapy was great yesterday. They assessed Leah and she is considered a 1-2 month old with some 3-6 month behavior. Her therapist haven't seen her in two weeks and they were thrilled with her progression. They have full confidence in Leah's recovery! We are in the process of trying to get some private physical therapy for her. We just have to do as much as possible for her!

Leah has some awesome break through moments. We see her in there when we have these experiences. They are not everyday but we are seeing them more and more. We hope it continues.

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