Friday, June 22, 2012

Going off the diet!

Chad and I made the decision to take Leah off the diet. Her blood work shows she still has high levels of calcium. When she has these high levels she goes lethargic and sleeps a lot. We were warned by her nutritionist that her body can't continue having these high levels. They keep adjusting the diet to help keep the level down but it continued to stay high. Well...we are at the end of the road, they can't make anymore adjustments. So through the next couple of weeks she will slowly be taking her off the diet. Through lots of prayer we really feel good about this decision. We truly know that the diet worked for Leah, it helped end those terrible months of seizure after seizure.

What's the next step for Leah? We feel that Leah needs the best nutrition. As her mom I would do anything for that little girl. So... I am going to try to nurse Leah again. When Leah was born she was a good nurser and continued to nurse very well until she got sick. When Leah got really sick in January I was devastated. I got so stressed I lost my milk. Well...after 6 months I am going to try to get it back. I have spoke to a lactation specialist and she said there's a good chance I can get it back. It will take a lot of dedication and hard work but it's worth a try. She said I have a lot of things going for me: I successfully nursed four kids and I abruptly stopped nursing because of stress and didn't wean her. I am taking lots of herbs and pumping a lot. Wish me luck...I need it!!!

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