Sunday, August 17, 2014

A sweet moment!

I want to share a sweet moment we had a couple nights ago. We ran into a really neat family who has adopted five special needs my eyes these parents have a straight path to heaven. Anyway, they have a little girl Lexy, who is blind. Her mom bend her down to Leah in her stroller and introduced her to Leah. She explained that Leah also has a vision impairment. Lexy instantly bonded to Leah. She asked what she looked like, what she was wearing while she felt Leah's hands and feet. I told her all about Leah. She was so intrigued. Her mom told me she loves special needs children. I was amazed at how relaxed Leah was with Lexy. She had a look in her eyes that we don't see very often. There was something there...something very special between the two of them. It was time for us to go...Lexy didn't want Leah to go! I didn't want to go...I didn't want to break the moment...I wanted the moment to never go away.

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