Monday, June 3, 2013

Noticeable improvement!

Leah is doing amazingly well! She is moving her little body like crazy! Her legs are going going going! She is moving her head all around, looking at everything. She is taking in the world! It is so beautiful to watch. It brings me to tears sometimes. Everyone says "she looks so alive". Our family and friends are blown away when they see her. It's been so fun. I hope it just keeps going! I pray this is the right treatment for her. So far so good.

The down side is Leah is still having seizures at night. But the up side is the seizures aren't affecting her progression.

Leah's vomiting is still bad. We switched her formula this week in hopes that it will help. We are also giving her baby food. She is doing well on the baby food. I am also blending her some fruit and adding it to her formula. We are slowly transitioning her off formula and on to a blended diet. We got a blender from "Blendtec" it's so amazing. It blends food perfectly so it can be pushed through her tube. An everyday blender wouldn't work we needed a Blendtec blender. It is seriously amazing! I couldn't do a blended diet for Leah without this blender.

Leah got her eyes checked. Her vision is great! Her eyes are working together and the one eye that sometimes turned in has corrected itself. Leah's eye therapist comes every week. She was so happy with Leah's progress last week. 

We have an appointment with her gastro doctor Dr. Jackson on Wednesday. We are anxious to chat with him about her reflex, vomiting and constipation. My happiest days are when Leah doesn't throw up and when she poops. Seriously, it's crazy what makes a mama happy!

Tyler is still just so dang cute with this little girl. He said the other day. "Mom, Leah has the tiniest ears in the whole wide world, I just love them. They are so soft and squishable." I just love that kid! He cracks me up!

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