Monday, April 8, 2013

Ty & Leah

Over the past few months Ty is realizing just how different Leah is compared to other nineteen month olds. He is always saying "I wish Leah could get better so we can play together". His prayers for her are so tender and precious! He tells me that when she is two years old, he will carry her everywhere on his back. The crazy thing is he really could because he is so huge. He says the sweetest things about Leah almost every single day. Yesterday he said "When Jesus comes will Leah not have her tube anymore". A little background on the whole "when Jesus comes". Chad tells the kids on a regular basis as he tucks them in at night he says "kids...let's hope Jesus comes tomorrow...goodnight". He's joking and serious at the same time (you have to know Chad).

I caught a moment of Ty holding Leah. He doesn't hold her that often so I made sure I recorded it.

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